Signatory Contact

An application from an organisation to join the UK federation must be signed by a senior officer of the organisation, known as the Signatory Contact, who would normally sign important contracts for the organisation. (For example, in a university or college of further education, the Signatory Contact might be Director of Information Services, or Principal or Vice-Principal of the organisation.)

The Signatory Contact (SC) is authorised to legally bind the organisation to the federationís Rules of Membership, which are described in the federation website.

For schools, the Signatory Contact is a senior officer of the responsible Local Authority or Regional Broadband Consortium.

The Signatory Contact has the authority to appoint new Management Contacts for the organisation. The SC is also authorised to request changes to any federation entity (identity provider or service provider) belonging to the organisation, although normally this will be done by a Management Contact or the Administrative Contact for the entity (to add or remove contacts, register or modify an entity, an email to the federation helpdesk is sufficient).

The procedure which an organisation is required to follow in order to join the federation is described in the federation's membership application page.

Replacing a Signatory Contact

There is no requirement to replace a Signatory Contact when they leave post. The function of binding the Organisation to the UK federation Rules is only required on application.

Summary of inter-relations between federation contacts

This document summarises the inter-relations between the roles of the federation contacts