Management Contact

A Management Contact (MC) is a person authorised by an organisation to make requests to the federation operator to register or amend entities (identity providers or service providers) on its behalf. A Management Contact would also register an organisation's use of an outsourced provider. Only a Management Contact (or, less usually, a Signatory Contact) can register an entity, and only an MC (or SC) or the Administrative Contact for a given entity may request changes to that entity (in either case an email to the federation helpdesk is sufficient). For these reasons we require a Management Contact to provide an individual email address (not a generic service email address) from which these instructions can be sent. We may send emails to a Management Contact about matters relating to this role, but we would not do this frequently.

Each member organisation must have at least one Management Contact, nominated by the Signatory Contact (SC) when applying to join the federation. Larger organisations might find it administratively convenient to have more than one Management Contact, who may be nominated by the Signatory Contact in the letter of application, or subsequently. Additions or changes to Management Contacts may only be made by the Signatory Contact or other Management Contacts.

If an organisation has more than one Management Contact, the Signatory Contact may choose to allocate responsibilities between them, for example in a manner reflecting the organisation's internal structure. However the federation operator does not record and is not aware of such allocations.

In most cases, a Management Contact will be an officer of the organisation itself, perhaps a senior manager responsible for technical development; however the Signatory Contact may appoint a Management Contact who is employed by another organisation. Each Management Contact will be responsible to the Signatory Contact.

Replacing a Management Contact

A Management Contact may be appointed or replaced by a Signatory Contact or any Management Contact.(an email to the federation helpdesk is sufficient).

Summary of inter-relations between federation contacts

This document summarises the inter-relations between the roles of the federation contacts