Federation Contacts

Contacts between the UK federation and member organisations take place at two levels: organisational and entity. This page provides a brief summary of the inter-relations between the roles: for further details of each role, please see the individual pages linked below.

Organisation level

When an organization wishes to join the UK federation, the application is sent by a senior officer of that organisation, known as a Signatory Contact (or SC).

In the application, the Signatory Contact appoints one or or more Management Contacts (MCs) who are responsible for the registration of entities.

Entity level

An organisation can register one or more entities, each of which has its own contacts. Each contact must have an email address and a given name.

When an entity is registered with the federation (on the instructions of an MC or SC), contacts are appointed to fill three roles: Administrative contact, Support contact and Technical contact.

As Administrative contacts are able to request changes to an entity's metadata, they must be named individuals (an entity may have more than one), contactable through an individual email addresses. Support contacts and Technical contacts, however, can be teams contactable through shared email addresses or mailing lists.

An Administrative contact can add or remove Support contacts or Technical contacts. Instructions to add or remove an Administrative contact, however, must come from an MC or SC (an email to the federation helpdesk is sufficient).

Entities that conform to the Sirtfi framework will have one or more security contacts listed. See our Sirtfi documentation for more information.