UK Access Management Federation
for Education and Research

The UK federation is operated by Jisc and provides a single solution to accessing online resources and services for education and research. Here is some information on how it works and its benefits.

Eligible organisations are invited to join the current membership.

Latest news

Subject Identifiers Webinar

Posted on Friday, 28 May 2021

The team at Jisc supporting the UK federation, hosted a webinar on the 26th May 2021 covering the topic of Subject Identifiers in the federation, which is relevant for all participants. This a chance to introduce the issue of dealing with Subject Identifier (including the widely used eduPersonTargetedID) and the issues of those transitioning and changing with the UK federation. This webinar is relevant to both IdP and SP operators, as well as maintainers of applications that operate within a federated environment. We would also like to open up discussion on the topic during the webinar.


Binary Attributes during IdP upgrading

Posted on Thursday, 27 May 2021

Shibboleth Identity Provider (IdP) operators must pay particular attention to the changes related to Binary Attributes during upgrades of the IdP within v3 and between v3 and v4. Operators who follow our guidance (Deprecated features in Shibboleth IdPv3 will be removed in v4 documentation and IdP v4 upgrade), including testing as described below, should not experience any issues.