UK federation Shibboleth IdP Upgrade Webinar

Posted on Tuesday, 11 June 2024

Technical participation in the UK federation can be achieved through various means, including running Shibboleth themselves, purchasing OpenAthens, using the Jisc trust and identity consultancy service, and getting support from other third parties.

Consequently, organisations operating their own deployment of Shibboleth may like to know the UK federation has published documentation for organisations upgrading from Shibboleth IdP v4 to Shibboleth IdP v5.

We'll be holding a webinar on 25 June between 13:00 and 14:00 to examine the significant changes in the IdP and supporting documentation. This webinar will look at the critical elements of the Shibboleth v5 upgrade and is an opportunity for you to gain insight and have your questions about the upgrade answered directly by the UKf ? team and Dr Phil Smart, one of the developers from the Shibboleth Consortium.

Shibboleth IdP version 4 software will reach end of support with the Shibboleth project in September 2024.

We are here to support you in the webinar, and we welcome any questions about other aspects of participation in the UK federation, including OpenAthens and Jisc consultancy. If we don't have an answer for you immediately, we'll get one from our internal colleagues in those areas.

If you want to attend, please email me (, and I will send you a link. The webinar will be recorded and made available on the UK federation website following the event.

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