Technical contact

A Technical contact for an identity provider or service provider is the primary contact for technical issues related to the entity. The name and email address of each Technical contact is published in the federation metadata and should not be regarded as private.

A Technical contact communicates with the technical staff of the federation operator to ensure the smooth operation of the federation infrastructure. Technical contacts' email addresses are included in a mailing list that we maintain for security advisories and other important announcements.

While a Technical contact may be an individual, we would now recommend using a generic email address (either shared or a mailing list) with a generic title (such as 'Help desk'). It may be the same contact as the Support contact or Securitycontact. Note that a Technical contact email address is intended to be used by people inside or outside your organization, so please do not limit the email domains that it will accept emails from.

The Technical contact does not have the authority to request changes to the entity: this must be done by the entity's Administrative contact or a Management Contact for the organisation.

A Technical Contact may be appointed or replaced by an Administrative contact, a Management Contact or a Signatory Contact.

Summary of inter-relations between federation contacts

This document summarises the inter-relations between the roles of the federation conatcts