Applying for membership

Organisations eligible to join the UK Federation include all educational and research institutions, and any commercial organisation which provides services to those sectors. This covers all colleges, universities and research council funded establishments, and includes Local Authorities with responsibility for the schools sector. Other publicly funded bodies are also eligible for membership, subject to support from the relevant authorities.

To join the UK federation, click on the link below, which will take you to the Jisc online joining process.

Letter of application

A request to join the UK Federation must be signed by a senior officer of the organisation who is authorised to bind the organisation to the UK Federationís Rules of Membership. This person is then given the role of Signatory Contact for the organisation. For schools, the Signatory Contact is a senior officer of the responsible Local Authority or Regional Broadband Consortium.

An example Letter of application is provided, but please read all of the page you are currently looking at before sending in your letter of application. If you have any queries before sending your joining letter, please email service at

Please note that the application should be on the organisationís letterhead, signed, scanned and emailed to the federation operator service at

The application must contain the following information:

  • The name, job title and email address of the Signatory Contact, who is the signatory of the letter.
  • The full name and postal address of the organisation (if a company, these should be the legal name and the company's registered address).
  • A statement that the organisation agrees to be bound by the federationís Rules of Membership, as published on the federation website.
  • The name and contact details of one or more Management Contacts authorised to make registration requests. In most cases, each Management Contact will be an officer of the organisation itself, responsible to the Signatory Contact. This also applies where the organisation employs an outsourced provider.

Further considerations apply in the schools sector.

Additional requirements apply for organisations that intend to use an outsourced provider. This includes institutions which use Athens and wish to access federation services via the Athens gateway service.

If you have any queries or comments about this membership application procedure, please contact the UK Federation Helpdesk.