CPD Launchpad

Page last modified on 25 April 2017, at 08:23 AM (initially posted on 19 April 2017)

CPD Launchpad is a resource designed to support nursing and midwifery revalidation with CPD modules and an online portfolio tool

MA HealthcareCPD LaunchpadeduPersonScopedAffiliation

The entityID of the SP that provides the service: https://www.cpd-launchpad.co.uk/shibboleth

WAYFless URL: https://auth.markallengroup.com/wayfless/launchpad?entityID=<IDP's entityID>&target=<target URL>

The entityID parameter is the entity ID within the federation of the institution's Identity Provider. The target parameter is optional. By default, users would be redirected to the Optician homepage after they've signed in, but administrators may use that parameter to have users directed to a particular page within the site. Both parameter values should be URL encoded.