RefWorks - a new service from ProQuest LLC

Page last modified on 08 February 2011, at 11:11 AM (initially posted on 8 February 2011)

RefWorks is a powerful online research management, writing and collaboration tool designed to help researchers at all levels easily gather, organize, store and share all types of information and to instantly generate citations and bibliographies.

RefWorks-COSRefWorkseduPersonTargetedID OR eduPersonPrincipalName



WAYFless URL:{Provider_ID}

where `Provider_ID is the entityID of your IdP. RefWorks also supports access via Athens, IP Address + User-ID & Password.


16. RefWorks requires a unique identifier for each user, to associate the user with their RefWorks account. This unique identifier can be either an eduPersonTargetedID (ePTID) or an eduPersonPrincipalName (ePPN). Each IdP may choose to release either the ePTID or the ePPN for their users. Most IdPs choose to release the ePTID, but some prefer to release the ePPN instead. Please note, though, that ePPN may be considered "personal information".

17. RefWorks can optionally receive an eduPersonScopedAffiliation (ePSA) for each user, which we would use to authorize the user. Typical authorized values would be "student", "faculty", and "staff", though some institutions simply use "member" for all and only users authorized to use RefWorks. An ePSA isn't necessary, if the IdP only releases unique identifiers for users who are authorized to use RefWorks. We leave it to the IdP to decide whether to release the ePSA or not.