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Page last modified on 01 September 2010, at 03:38 PM (initially posted on 1 September 2010)

CiNii is a service that provides information on scholastic articles, with an emphasis on Japanese papers.

It allows users to find articles they desire by navigating a large volume of information including periodicals published by Japanese scholastic societies, research bulletins published by Japanese universities, and the National Diet Library periodicals index database.

National Institue of InformaticsCiNiieduPersonTargetedID


2. Many services can make use of the eduPersonTargetedID attribute. This is a persistent opaque identifier, which enables service personalisation (remembering data about a user over different login sessions) without the service provider knowing who the user is. If the identity provider supplies the eduPersonTargetedID attribute, the session is treated similarly to an Athens personal account. Otherwise, the service's personalisation features (e.g., saved searches) may be disabled, though the service will still function in the same way as with Athens shared accounts. With some services (e.g., Zetoc Alert) this attribute is mandatory. If so, it is marked as "Required/Yes" in the table in Attribute Usage.

For a Shibboleth IdP, generation of eduPersonTargetedID in attribute-resolver.xml is described on the IdP setup page.

Release of eduPersonTargetedID by attribute-filter.xml is described further down the same page.

Users of other IdP software should check their documentation.

5. Some services can make use of optional attributes if an identity provider offers them. For example, MIMAS Landmap and EDINA Digimap make use of the user's given name (givenName), surname (sn) and organisational unit (ou, treated as a Department name), if present. (Digimap uses these attributes, if present, to populate its initial online user registration form, not for ordinary logins). If such optional attributes are not supplied by the Identity Provider, the service may require the user to enter the same information manually, and these entries may need to be manually checked by the operator of the service.