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The International Index to Performing Arts (IIPA) is a comprehensive guide to the journal literature on performing arts--drama, theater, dance, film, television, and more--searchable together for the first time in one electronic database.

IIPA is a new and dynamic bibliographic resource for the performing arts information and research community. The database not only offers access to over 250 performing arts periodicals from 1998 onward but also provides retrospective access to many selected titles--some all the way back to their inception.

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WAYFless URL: You need to append your ProQuest account ID (visible once you log into the platform) to the following URL:

Deep Linking: The examples given below are for Periodicals Index. Deep links for Music Periodicals can be created by following the same syntax, but replacing pio with iipa.


20. WAYFless URLs for ProQuest SPs

To find your organisation's ProQuest account ID, log in with your IdP and local credentials in the usual manner. Once you've clicked on any link (such as one of the subject area links), you will see a string similar to


at the end of the URL in the address bar. Appending this to any URL on the site will take you to a login page using your own IdP.

For example,

Will take you to a login page that will allow you access everything on the platform you're licensed for.

Deep Linking

For a link to the top level of PIO (Periodicals Index Online), use

To link to a journal

To link to the same journal in the PIO section of the site

Finally, to link to an article directly from the platform level

We would recommend that libraries use database-level links on portal pages and directories, but use the generic links for documents and journals.

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