BMJ journals now available

Page last modified on 01 April 2010, at 11:37 AM (initially posted on 9 September 2008)

BMJ Journals Collection comprises of 22 leading medical titles on specialist clinical areas, public health and evidence-based medicine.

Available in print and online.

BMJ GroupBMJ Journals CollectioneduPersonScopedAffiliationYes

WAYFless URL:{IDP's entity ID}&uri={target URL}

For WAYFless access, the entityID parameter is the entity ID within the federation of the institution's Identity Provider. The uri parameter is optional. By default, users would be redirected to after they've signed in, but administrators may use that parameter to have users directed to a particular journal, or page within a site. Both parameter values would be URL encoded.

This service is available for subscription to UK HE, FE & research councils through JISC Collections.