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Approximately 250 full text and abstract & index databases from Archaeology to Zoology, serving the academic community with collections including: Academic Search Complete, Business Source Complete, Communications and Mass Media Complete, Computer and Applied Sciences Complete, International Bibliography of Theatre and Dance with Full Text, Film and Television Literature Index with Full text, RILM, RIPM.

The Medical community databases include Biomedical Reference Collection, CINAHL with Full Text, Cochrane Collection Plus, DynaMed, Medline with Full Text, PsycINFO, PsycARTICLES, PsycBOOKS, PsycEXTRA, PsycCRITIQUES, SPORTDiscus with Full Text.


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1. The only attribute that an identity provider must release for its users to be able to access many services that are licensed for use by everyone at a particular organisation is eduPersonScopedAffiliation. This is a scoped attribute, which might, for example, have the value "member" in scope "", often written as:

It is used for the basic authorisation decision: does subscribe to the service in question? If so, the user is allowed access. The service provider will maintain its own list of which organisations (scopes) can access its service. For allowed organisations, the federation's Technical Recommendations for Participants indicate that, in HE/FE, users with scoped affiliation values from the set {member, student, staff, faculty, employee} are typically authorised to access content licensed on the basis of the JISC Model Licence, while {affiliate, alum} are not.

While a Shibboleth identity provider can generate eduPersonScopedAffiliation statically by setting the required value in attribute-resolver.xml, this should only be done when it is known that all users are authorised. Otherwise, the value can be picked up from your LDAP / Active Directory as described on the IdP setup page.

Users of other IdP software should check their documentation.

7. EBSCO have recommended customers to contact their federation for the required attribute configuration. For the UK federation, first ensure that your identity provider releases an eduPersonScopedAffiliation (ePSA) value of "" (where "" is the scope for your organisation) to the EBSCO SP.

Then go to EBSCO's online customer administration system (EBSCOadmin), select the "UK Higher Education" region, go to the "Shibboleth" configuration tab, ignore the "Shibboleth Entitlement" field and in the "Shibboleth Affiliation" field enter If you are not already familiar with EBSCOadmin then EBSCO customer support may be willing to make these changes on your behalf.