UK federation position paper about SAML subject identifiers

Posted on Tuesday, 24 October 2023

The UK federation recommends using eduPersonTargetedID as a pseudonymous persistent identifier when the service needs no personal information to function and you need to preserve privacy for end users.

In the decades since eduPersonTargetedID was standardised, the Research and Education community has gained deployment experience at scale and determined the need to define other privacy-preserving identifiers which have better properties than eduPersonTargetedID. The UK federation recognizes the need to evolve and migrate to SAML subject identifiers. We realise there will be a lengthy transition period.

As a starting point, we have written a position paper about SAML subject identifiers available at The UK federation will shortly be introducing a programme of out-reach to support members move to SAML subject identifiers, however more immediately, please read the position paper to familiarise yourself with the topic. If you wish to discuss any aspects of the transition, please contact us through the UK federation service desk.

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