Shibboleth IdP 4.1.4 / Jetty v9.4.39 known issue with high CPU usage

Posted on Thursday, 27 January 2022

We've become aware of an issue with Jetty version 9.4.39 where some deployers of this version are experiencing unexplained high CPU usage which, in some cases, causes the service to become unusable.

We believe this applies to deployers of:

  • Shibboleth Identity Provider v4.1.4 using Windows MSI and the bundled Jetty
  • Other platforms (such as Linux) using Jetty 9.4.39

Other versions of Jetty may be affected.

If you have any queries about this recommendation, please contact

The unstable version of Jetty is bundled with version 4.1.4 of the Shibboleth Identity Provider's MSI Installer for Windows which has been widely deployed by our members.

We believe the problem to have been fixed in a more recent version of Jetty. Version 9.4.44 is available with the recently released v4.1.5 of the Shibboleth Identity Provider. Release notes for this update are available here.

Deployers using affected versions should review the release notes for the relevant package and install any required updates as soon as possible. The latest Shibboleth Identity Provider packages are available here.

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