Shibboleth IdP version 4

Posted on Monday, 14 October 2019

The next version of the Shibboleth IdP (version 4) will remove some configuration elements that IdP deployers in the UK federation rely on. Every Shibboleth IdP deployer must change their configuration to use the new elements that have been available since v3.4.0. The changes are typically small and well-defined, and IdP 3.4 will log warnings for deprecated elements. The UK federation lists the most relevant actions in Deprecated features in Shibboleth IdP v3 will be removed in v4 ( You have a few months window of opportunity to reconfigure deprecated elements to ensure a smooth transition to IdP v4 when it is released.

For those building a new IdP or doing a major rebuild/upgrade, we have updated our Installation and Configuration of Shibboleth IdP v3 on Windows guide (

We are working through our other guides in due course and are happy to receive any feedback/comments that might help us improve our guides. Email us at [service at |].

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