Shibboleth SP Update for Windows

Posted on Tuesday, 26 March 2019

There's been a service update [1][2] to the SP installers for Windows labeled V3.0.4.1 to make a fix for the bug where a non-default handlerURL fails with the IIS 7 module [3]. To be clear: this only affects your Shibboleth SP deployment if you are running Windows AND IIS 7 AND have set handlerURL in the ApplicationDefaults or ApplicationOverride elements.

This is the only change in the packages, so is only relevant for IIS 7+ deployments. This is an atypical release process that would normally be done as a full patch, but that would delay the fix for an indeterminate period and the bug has been causing a lot of problems and traffic on the Shibboleth Users list, so it was the most expedient solution.


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