Shibboleth V2 IdP end of life date: 31 July 2016

Posted on Friday, 12 June 2015

Following the release of version 3 of the Shibboleth IdP (Identity Provider) last year, there is a staged EOL (End of Life) process for V2 of the Shibboleth IdP, ending on 31 July 2016. Organisations using a Shibboleth V2 IdP are strongly encouraged to migrate to V3 as soon as possible.

Please note that this End of Life announcement applies only to the Shibboleth IdP software. The Shibboleth SP (Service Provider) software is independently versioned, and V2 remains the latest version.

The UK federation support team has experience of installing and configuring the V3 IdP software. Here are links to our documentation:

Please contact the UK federation helpdesk for support and advice on migrating to Shibboleth V3 within the UK federation. Alternatively, please contact the company contracted to maintain your in-house or outsourced identity provider.

Jisc will be running training courses on the Shibboleth V3 IdP:

The V2 IdP End of Life announcement can be found on the Shibboleth mailing list, at

The V3 release announcement can be found at Edited by SteveGlover on 11 July 2023, at 03:51 PM