JISC Identity Management Survey

Posted on Monday, 14 May 2012

In 2010 JISC published the Identity Management Toolkit, designed to help UK FHE institutions improve their Identity Management. The Toolkit built on the earlier work of the JISC-funded Identity Project and was endorsed by UCISA, RUGIT, ISAF, and JISC InfoNet. The JISC Identity Management Toolkit Review Project (Feb 12 - July 12) will review and update the original Identity Management Toolkit.

The review includes a short questionnaire designed to measure the impact that the Toolkit has had on the UK education community. The IdM Toolkit Review Project will also repeat the national survey of the current state of Identity Management in the UK FHE sector (undertaken by the Identity Project in 2007) to get a view of how things have changed since the previous survey. The survey is available in both print and online forms at http://www.identity-project.org.

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