New JISC resource showcases improved access to services

Posted on Wednesday, 22 December 2010

With the increasing pressure on budgets and performance in UK colleges and universities, now is a good time to really think about improving access to your organisation's internal services through effective access and identity management.

JISC's new online publication Access Unlimited. Access Protected includes a range of institutional case studies which illustrate how federated access management technology can provide innovative solutions to a range of day-to-day problems.

Nicole Harris at JISC Advance says:

"If you are seriously thinking about how to improve the user experience on a low budget, I definitely recommend you take a look."

The case studies demonstrate how federated access management can enhance the student experience and improve online careers services, eliminate inefficiencies and reduce costs through better business process such as e-recruitment, and create opportunities for partnership and collaborative working in research and the wider community.

David Harrison, Assistant Director Strategy & Engagement at Cardiff University said:

"Both the technology and the UK Access Management Federation have been around for some time, but now wešre seeing imaginative examples of how the approach and technology can be used by institutions to bring real business benefit as well as improve the user experience."

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