UK federation technical documents revised

Posted on Friday, 1 June 2007

New versions of two of the technical reference documents for the UK federation were published today:

The changes to the Federation Technical Specifications are mainly additions to describe some of the conventions used in UK federation metadata. These will likely be of most interest to members making custom use of the published metadata.

Most of the changes to the Technical Recommendations for Participants are in the area of the federation's trust fabric, to document changes in our list of supported certificate products.

Each document contains a section describing changes made since the previous edition (1.0, issued in November 2006).

We recommend that technical staff of each federation member organisation review each new edition of these documents to inform their planning process. We anticipate issuing revised recommendations every three to six months. If you have comments on the current documents, or suggestions for topics which would benefit from being addressed in future editions, please let us know.

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