Letter to reflect relationship between non-LA Maintained Schools and a UK federation member

Please refer to the Definition of synthetic scopes for schools and also EduBase (EduBase2) which is used to verify data on schools and by the UK federation to construct synthetic scopes.

For schools which are not of the status 'LA maintained school' in EduBase such as 'Academies', 'Independent Schools' and 'Free Schools', further evidence of the relationship of the registering member with the organisation responsible for the school is required.

Organisation1 (a member of the UK federation) is an organisation that anticipates registering synthetic scopes against an IdP with entityID in the UK federation. Organisation2 is a 'Trust' (for Academies or Free Schools) or the 'Proprietor' (for Independent Schools) which operates in a LocalAuthority and wishes to permit Organisation1 to allow their IdP with entityID to utilise the synthetic scopes allocated to Organisation2, which is determined using the definition above.

LocalAuthority is defined as per EduBase e.g. 801 - Bristol City Of

This letter is to indicate a relationship between one organisation operating schools in a particular local authority area and one UK federation member.

A letter to reflect relationship between non-LA Maintained Schools and a UK federation member must be sent to the UK federation operator by Organisation2. Please note that the letter must be posted or emailed to the federation operator.

The following text is for guidance only.

<Name of Organisation2> <Postal address of Organisation2> <Date> UK Federation Operator Jisc 15 Fetter Lane London EC4A? 1BW Dear Federation Operator, I am writing as a senior officer of <Organisation2> to inform you that we, as an organisation operating schools in the Local Authority of <LocalAuthority>, have a relationship with <Organisation1> and understand that the UK federation will allow them to use relevant synthetic scopes for those schools, as part of the IdP with entityID <entityID> registered in the UK federation by <Organisation1>. Details of organisation operating schools: Organisation name: <Full name of Organisation2> Member of UK federation: <Yes or No> Local Authority Area: <LocalAuthority> Details of organisation registering the entities: Organisation name: <Full name of Organisation1> IdP entityID: <entityID> Contact person: <Name and email address of Organisation1 contact person> Yours faithfully, <Signature of letter writer> <Name of letter writer> <Job title of letter writer> <Email of letter writer> <Name of Organisation2>