Federation Membership Verification Procedures

In order to confirm the membership application of an organisation wishing to join the UK Access Management Federation the following must be verified.

1. Legal status

Only organisations with legal status are entitled to join the UK federation. The Operator makes checks based on the legal name provided in the letter of application. The checks are conducted with a number of official databases which include but are not limited to:

Applicants should take care that the information they have registered with such databases is correct and up to date and that the company name and registered address on their application reflects the information they have registered with the above databases.

Applicants who are Sole Traders should contact the federation helpdesk in advance of their application, as different procedures may be used in their case.

2. Email address of named contacts in letter of application.

The federation operator will contact the individuals named in the letter of application to confirm their email addresses. Named contacts should ensure that they respond promptly.