Sample letter of application to join the UK federation

The following text is for guidance only.

Note the requirement to write your actual letter of application on your organisation's letterhead. The letter must be posted, not faxed, to the federation operator.

At least one Management Contact must be authorised. Larger organisations might wish to authorise more than one Management Contact; this can be specified in the initial letter of application, or subsequently.

Organisation is the organisation which wishes to join the UK federation.
Signatory Contact is the name of the designated Signatory Contact for the organisation.
Management Contact is the name of the designated Management Contact for the organisation.

                                          <name of Organisation>
                                          <registered legal address of organisation>


     UK Federation Operator
     15 Fetter Lane
     EC4A 1BW 

     Dear Sir/Madam,

     On behalf of <name of Organisation> I write to apply for membership of
     the UK Access Management Federation for Education and Research. I confirm
     that <name of Organisation> agrees to be bound by the UK federation's
     Rules of Membership in effect at the date of this letter, as published
     on their website.

     The following person has [persons have] been designated by <name of
     Organisation> as Management Contact[s] with the UK federation, and as such is
     [are] authorised to make requests to register Identity Providers and/or 
     Service Providers [delete where appropriate] with the UK federation on 
     behalf of <name of Organisation>:

           <name of Management Contact>
           <job title of Management Contact
           <contact details for Management Contact:
              - telephone number
              - email address >

           [Further Management Contacts may be authorised in the 
            letter, with details specified for each as above.] 

                          Yours faithfully,

                                 <signature of Signatory Contact>

                              <name of Signatory Contact>
                              <job title of Signatory Contact>
                              <email address of Signitory>
                              <name of Organisation>