Invalid CDS Flow

We've recently made a change to start retiring the UK federation's Central Discovery Service (CDS) and therefore end users may experience the CDS working for some services but not others -- that is normal. Service providers who have missed the deadline and are affected can temporarily request to be added to an allow-list to enable use of the CDS, whilst they migrate away.

The service you are trying to use is not permitted to use the UK federation's Central Discovery Service (CDS) so this request will not be fulfilled.

What to do next

What to do next depends on why you're here and who you are:

  1. If you're trying to access a service and arrived here by trying to log in to the service or by following a link from your home organisation, please show your local support staff (such as your teacher or your local IT or Library support teams) the link you followed.
  2. If you're a service provider then you may need to update your service to use a different Discovery Service. For more information, see Discovery for further details.
  3. If you're part of an institutional support team, you may need to update your organisation's link resolver or generate new WAYF-less links to the affected service (eg by using WUGEN) or contact the relevant service provider for more information.

For further support, please contact the UK federation Helpdesk.