CDS Service Retired

Since the inception of the UK federation in 2007, we have operated a Central Discovery Service (CDS) which lives at This is, currently, one way resource providers can determine where their end user is coming from and consequently which institution they have to be directed to, in order to authenticate and log on. We have always considered the CDS as a discovery option of "last resort".

However due to changes in the landscape the UK federation is closing the CDS on 29 February 2024. Affected service providers (SPs) are moving to an alternative discovery method before then to ensure continued access for end users. This change affects a small number of SPs who use the CDS. The vast majority of SPs already conduct their own discovery. Identity Providers (IdPs) are not affected by this change. We have contacted all affected services, however, should you be unsure if your service uses the CDS and needs to take action please contact the service desk

More information about discovery, and alternative discovery methods can be found here.