Permission for use of a domain in an IdP entity ID and scope within the UK Federation - Sample Letter of Application

For more information, please refer to the federation's conditions attached to the use of an externally-owned domain name in an IdP entity ID and/or scope.

The following text is for guidance only. Both organisations must be a member of the federation (the federation has a stricter requirement for IdPs in this respect.

'Organisation1' is an organisation that wishes to register an entity in the UK federation. 'Organisation2' is the organisation that owns the domain name in the proposed entity ID and/or scope.

Please note that the letter must be on Organisation2ís letterhead, signed, scanned and emailed to the federation operator.

<Name of Organisation2> <Postal address of Organisation2> <Date> UK Federation Operator Jisc 15 Fetter Lane London EC4A 1BW Dear Federation Operator, I am writing as a senior officer of <Organisation2> to inform you that <Organisation2>, as registered owner of the domain name <domain>, grants permission to <Organisation1> to use the domain name <domain> in the entity ID of one or more entities to be registered within the UK federation. Details of registering organisation: Organisation name: <Full name of Organisation1> Contact person: <Name and email address of Organisation1 contact person> Proposed Entity ID value(s) of the entity/ies being registered: <as agreed with Organisation1> Additionally, Organisation1 may use this domain name <domain> as the scope (also known as security domain) asserted by the above named entity/ies. I approve the use of the domain name <domain> in the above named entity ID(s) and asserted scope, to be registered in the UK federation by <Organisation1> Yours faithfully, <Signature of letter writer> <Name of letter writer> <email address of letter writer> <Job title of letter writer> <Name of Organisation2>