Login page customisation

The login page can be customised in a number of ways, this section of our guide focuses on completing the minor changes which should be suitable for most institutions.

  • Place an appropriate logo for your organisation in the %{idp-home}/static folder, this will be added to below idp.logo replacing 'logo.jpg'
  • Add appropriate values %{idp-home}/messages/messages.properties
 idp.title = Example College Login
 idp.url.helpdesk = https://www.example.ac.uk/it/helpdesk
 idp.url.password.reset = https://www.example.ac.uk/it/password
 idp.logo = ../../logo.jpg
 idp.logo.alt-text = Example College Logo
 idp.logo.target.url = https://www.example.ac.uk
 idp.footer = © Example College

If further customisation of the login page is required refer to PasswordAuthnConfiguration. You will need to alter files such as messages/error-messages.properties, views/login.vm, and views/login-error.vm.