Infrastructure upgrade work on the UK Federation metadata publication

Posted on Wednesday, 10 July 2024

We recently carried out infrastructure upgrade work on the UK Federation metadata publication.   These changes will have gone unnoticed to the majority of our customers and your retrieval of the UK Federation metadata would have continued as normal if you are using the correct FQDN for the metadata aggregate ( or MDQ (

If however, you have a restricted firewall that has IP address restrictions in place for the metadata resource, then we would suggest that you check your logs to confirm that you are still consuming the current metadata.   By default, the maximum validity of the metadata is 21 days so this may not have appeared as a problem yet. If you are affected by this potential issue your IdP/SP will fail to load the metadata from the 16 July which will be the 21-day timeframe.

Just to reiterate that this is only likely to affect a very small number of members so it's wise to check your logs.

If you need any further assistance, then please do contact the UK Federation helpdesk

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