Shibboleth Identity Provider 3.4.4 now available

Posted on Thursday, 23 May 2019

The Shibboleth Project has released v3.4.4 of the Identity Provider (IdP) software, this is a patch release containing a number of bug fixes. The UK federation recommends that you run the latest version of the IdP software, and upgrade as soon as your maintenance schedules allow. Please see the Shibboleth IdP Release Notes

Upgrading to v3.4.x is an important step in maintaining your Shibboleth IdP, as it should be possible to in-place upgrade from an existing IdP v3 to this version. This version identifies a number of deprecation warning messages, and you will need to work to resolve the issues identified prior to the release of Shibboleth IdP v4 (expected to be released later in 2019).

We will be releasing further and updated guidance on our website shortly. In the meantime you may wish to review the following page about Deprecation in IdP v4

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