New WAYF User Interface

Posted on Wednesday, 29 June 2011

This message is to give you advance warning about forthcoming changes to the user interface of the UK federation WAYF:

  1. The changes are planned to go live on 15 August 2011. You may wish to consider modifying any local guidance you offer about logging in to services using federated access management - particularly where you have included screenshots.
  2. The old orange design with a search box and drop-down list of Institutions becomes a much cleaner, simpler white page with a search box. A help link is available, with separate sections for schools and other users.
  3. No UK federation branding is shown. Instead, screen space is provided for the logo of the service the user is trying to log in to. This aims to make the transition from the service provider's login page to the WAYF screen less startling for new users. Space is also available for the logos of previously selected identity providers.
  4. These branding features depend on identity provider and service provider organisations providing the relevant information to the UK federation helpdesk. (Text-only placeholders will be shown when no branding is available.) A message will be sent out soon to technical contacts at member organisations linking to the procedure to follow, the format required, examples, and a way of previewing the new system before it goes live. Please do encourage your institution and service providers to provide this information to the UK federation.

The intent of these changes is to simplify the federated login process, especially for new users. The changes are the result of a programme of improvement work involving a cross-sector group of experts led by JANET(UK) and based on the initial results of the JISC Service Provider Interface Study and other user experience testing.

The changes can be previewed here:

If you have any questions you can contact the UK federation helpdesk (service at

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