UK Federation Membership Charge Policy

UK Access Management Federation for Education and Research Version 1.0 15 July 2021

This document outlines the Tariff applicable to UK federation members.


Federation operator

means Jisc

Identity Provider

means a SAML registration in the UK federation metadata

Service Provider

means a SAML registration in the UK federation metadata which grants access to services made available by that member

UK federation member

means any organisation, institution or individual who has enrolled in the Federation;

Outsourced Service Provider

means where an entity ID proposed for the SP entity contains a domain name which does not belong to the external organisation, the owning organisation has granted permission for this use of the domain name

Jisc Collections agreement

means licensing agreements using the Jisc model licence and that have been negotiated by Jisc Collections

Research & Scholarship attribute

An entity category for Service Providers which may include (but are not limited to) collaborative tools and services such as wikis, blogs, project and grant management tools that require some personal information about users to work effectively. This Entity Category IS NOT used for access to licensed content such as e-journals.


Means the eduGAIN interfederation service which connects identity federations around the world, comprising over 60 participant federations connecting more than 5,000 Identity and Service Providers.

Management Contact

means a person authorised by an organisation to make requests to the federation operator to register or amend entities (identity providers or service providers) on its behalf


The UK access management federation for education and research, is operated by Jisc on behalf of the UK Higher, Further, Schools and Research sectors. For membership criteria please see the UK federation Rules for eligibility .

From January 1st 2022 there will be an annual membership charge applicable for UK federation members who have Service Provider (SP) entities registered in the UK federation.

Organisations which do not have SP entity registered in the UK federation are exempt from this charge, as are all UK publicly funded HE, FE, School, Research and national library organisations. A list of all UK federation members can be found here

UK federation members who have production Identity entity providers registered in the UK federation are also exempt from this charge, however they may be subject to an Identity Provider membership charge if they are not UK government publicly funded. All UK publicly funded HE, FE, School, Research, Local Councils and national library organisations are exempt from such a charge.

The UK federation will be contacting all current UK federation members eligible for charging by 31st September 2021. New members will have their Tariff status confirmed upon membership and registration of any applicable entities.

Tariff applicability

Type of UK federation member

Tariff applicability

UK Publicly funded HE, FE, Research, Local Councils, and schools with registered IdP

No charge

UK publicly funded HE, FE, Research, Local Councils, and schools with registered SPs

No charge

Non UK Govt funded HE, FE & Schools registering IdP AND OR SP entities

Possible charge depending on circumstances

Contact Jisc

University Press with registered SP, owned by a UK publicly funded HE institution

No charge

Members with Service Provider Entities not subject to any exemption


Members with Service provider entities, ALL exclusively used for R&S activities in their entirety. Supporting the Refeds Research and Scholarship (R&S) Category MAY be an indicator of eligibility

Possible reduced charge

Contact Jisc

Members with ONLY Jisc Collection Licensing agreements with total value under £60k, UK based AND not exported to eduGAIN

Possible reduced charge

Contact Jisc

Members who have ONLY SP entities registered for testing purposes and not production

No charge

Members who have an entity registered on their behalf by another member

No charge. The member that the entity is registered by, is subject to any applicable charge

Non-UK HE institutional members

Contact Jisc

UK Student Unions or third parties registering entities on their behalf

Contact Jisc

Third party providers directly supporting student union elections

Possible reduced charge

Contact Jisc

Members with ALL entities exclusively imported via eduGAIN from outside the UK federation, INTO the UK federation

No charge

Software as a Service Providers with multiple entities directly supporting UK HE / FE institutions

Contact Jisc

Members with no entities registered by themselves, in the UK federation.

No charge


The basic UK federation annual membership fee for an organisation to whom the standard tariff is applicable to is 1000 p.a + VAT.

The tariff rises to 2000 p.a + VAT for 6 or more applicable production SP entities registered and to 3000 p.a +VAT for 11 or more applicable production SP entities.

Application for exemption or reduction

Organisations that believe they meet an exemption criterion should have their UK federation Management Contact email

Use cases

For further worked examples of UK federation members eligible for exemption and reduced tariff please see the

UK federation Rules of Membership

This document does not constitute a change to the UK federation Rules of Membership or UK federation Recommendations for Technical Participants


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