JISC Collections announce: Info for Education from IHS

Page last modified on 20 November 2015, at 03:53 PM (initially posted on 5 February 2010)

Info4Education is IHS Technical Indexes education platform providing access to standards, regulatory, product and supplier information on construction, health & safety, engineering from organisations across the world including British Standards.

Info4education includes British Standards Online, Construction Information Service, Occupational Health & Safety Information Service, Specify-It and Engineer-It.

IHSInfo for EducationeduPersonScopedAffiliation15Yes


This hasn't been looked at in detail, but something like:

<IDP SSO URL>?providerId=https://uk.ihs.com/entity&shire=https://www.ihsti.com/logon/federatedaccess/UKFedAuthRec.aspx&target=http://www.ihsti.com/Logon/productList.aspx

should work.

This service is available for subscription to UK HE, FE & research councils through JISC Collections.


15. On the userís first visit to this service's WAYF page, a cookie is dropped on the userís machine with the entityID of the IdP they selected. Subsequently, the WAYF will look for this cookie and automatically redirect the user to their IdP if it is found, so in some respects it acts like a WAYFless URL. The URL is generated dynamically from the last refresh of the online metadata, so any change in the URL of the IdP or SP authentication points should be picked up automatically.