UK federation Test Service Provider

This test service provider allows you to see the attributes your identity provider is releasing. The privacy policy for this SP is here.

The SAML entityID for this service is

Start a login flow by choosing one of the following session initiators:

Detailed information about how to test your IdP is available elsewhere on this site. In short, focus on testing against the first one. The second is a less common use cases, but we recommend you test against that too.

If your IdP has been "hidden from discovery" you will have to enable Debug mode for OpenAthens Wayfinder and then use the DS flow with OpenAthens Wayfinder Discovery Service, you will then see a Debug option appear, IdPs will now be visible to select. Seamless Access Discovery Service does not currently offer an option to show hidden IdPs.

Alternatively, you could create a WAYFLess URL for your hidden IdP.

The legacy SAML 1.1 initiators simulating SPs using the WAYF protocol are now disabled.